21 June 2024

Championing Community Spirit: The Carlingford Cougars

At Aqualand, we take our mantra of ‘Live Better’ literally. This notion extends to our support for the community, including local sports teams. For us, it’s not just about partnering with high-level teams, such as the South Sydney Rabbitohs… but also grass roots teams, such as the Carlingford Cougars, which we recently became involved with through our HSE Officer, William Otuhiva.

We now sponsor four teams, providing valuable financial support, including helping to cover expenses such as uniforms, training equipment, and facility rentals.

We asked William about his involvement in the club and working with Aqualand. 

How did you become involved with the club?

“Our son started playing with the Carlingford Cougars about three years ago as he wanted to do something outside of performing arts. Parents are encouraged to attend games, volunteer at events, and provide support to the coaches and players. As such, I took on his team’s trainer role in his second season with the team. Now in the third season, I’m the Head Coach.”

How does it feels to work for a company actively involved in local community partnerships?

“It feels incredibly rewarding. It’s fulfilling to know that the work we do not only benefits the company, but also has a positive impact on the community around us. Being part of initiatives that support and uplift the local community creates a sense of pride and purpose in our work. It’s inspiring to see the direct impact of our efforts on the lives of those in the community, and it fosters a strong sense of connection and unity within the company. Overall, working for a company involved in local community partnerships is a truly enriching experience.”

How important is this sponsorship is to the team?

“Aqualand’s sponsorship plays a crucial role in the success and development of the Carlingford Cougars. It also brings a proud sense of belonging when the players see a company like Aqualand, who also sponsors the South Sydney Rabbitohs, are sponsoring them.

“On behalf of the Carlingford Cougars, I’d like to thank Aqualand for their invaluable sponsorship,” William Otuhiva.



Aqualand are long time supporters of sports, arts and cultural organisations across Sydney. Through these partnerships, we believe in giving back to our home city, to help foster vibrant and engaged communities.