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Lisa Hobbs

CEO - Etymon Projects

“If you want to deliver a world-class offering by world class people, you need to communicate the vision and unite teams around shared goals and values.”

An accomplished CEO and Operational Executive with more than 20 years’ senior leadership experience, Lisa has traversed a unique career path though financial services and hospitality, building a generalist skill set punctuated by niche expertise in product, business development and the establishment of lean, scalable business models.

Commercial, strategic, and collaborative, Lisa understands how to build clear, distinct, professional brands in ultra-competitive markets, enabling businesses to scale and grow through strategy, strong leadership, and the creation of high-performance teams.

As an Executive she has an innate ability to see the bigger picture and the practical dynamics of the task at hand, and her risk awareness and ability to quickly absorb knowledge and technical information has enabled her to confidently lead and manage projects across sectors with great success.

A firm believer that central to any successful hospitality business is talent curation, people and culture, Lisa ensures her leadership team are focussed on empowering team members to do their best and creating the right supporting cultures to support individual growth as well as organisational success.